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Fashion Design is the art of application of aesthetics and design to clothing or accessories. Indian Fashion Industry has witnessed a rapid growth with each passing era.The field of design encompasses all kinds of consumer products which includes Furniture, Interiors, Lifestyle and Accessories, Ceramic as well as all modes of Advertising, Entertainment and Communication including graphics, packaging, film, animation and video. Indian Fashion Industry has emerged significantly due to number of designing courses which includes:

Fashion/Apparel Design: Fashion Designing deals with designing clothes.The course teaches to understand clothes, stitch, communicate and produce his finished product.

Communication/Graphic Design: Graphic and Communication Design is a mixture of various designs used to communicate with audience. This can range from posters to websites, logos to typography, illustration, advertising, photography etc.

Animation Design: This course is about character designing, framing stories, learning various forms of animation like hand rendered art, or using 3d objects, puppets and figures.

Textile Design: Textile Design deals with the creation of fabrics. The learning process ranges from developing the fabric from various threads, to learning various printing and dying techniques, to make finished products from fabrics.

Ceramic and Glass Design: Ceramic and glass design is a specialized course dealing with the material understanding of ceramic and glass.

Interior Design: It is the study of designing a given interior space. This deals with designing the blueprints of space, understanding how and where each item should be kept. It involves the study of architecture and aesthetics in space.

Film and Video Design: Film and Video Design deals about telling the story through moving images. The process ranges from learning how to handle camera, lightning, costumes. The final products range from ad films to documentaries to feature film.etc.

If you want to specialize in the field of designing and fashion, then various institutes have been setup which offers diploma courses as well as offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Direction Academy offers coaching for various Fashion and Design Institutes voz. NIFT,NID, PEARL and SRISHTI. We have experienced faculty to teach subjects like English. Reasoning , mathematics, Designing and other subjects.