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Why is law attracting the cream of talented, articulate and intelligent students today?

You become a leader in society: Many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Barack Obama started out as lawyers. Lawyers are today trained not only in legal subjects, but to be leaders in society. The ability to take decision according to a cool, logical mind has a value not only in the courtroom, but also outside. A good lawyer is also an able leader.

Wider opportunities: Practice of law today is not only in criminal or civil law. There are innumerable opportunities in areas like cyber law, Intellectual properties law, Human Rights law, corporate law, commercial law, environmental law etc.

Ready placement: Today lawyers are head hunted like other professionals like MBA’s and engineers. They need not go looking for jobs, jobs come looking for them. Top law firms, as well as, corporate firms send their HR teams to leading law schools to scout for talent, every year.

Attractive pay packages: It is not only the IIM’s and the IIT’s who get the top pay packages today. Young lawyers are also paid well by the firms recruiting them. Law graduates are now paid on par with counterparts in management and engineering schools.

The highest portals: Many young people dream of working for the Supreme Court of India. Today, the ambitious can dream of working even for the United Nations or the International Court of Justice.