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The Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EL.ED) programme is a four-year integrated professional degree programme of Elementary Teacher Education offered after the senior secondary ( Class XII ) stage of school. This is a bilingual programme, conceptualized by the Maulana Azad Centre for Elementary and Social Education ( MACESE ) of the Department of Education, University of Delhi.

Launched in the academic year 1994-95; the programme is an attempt towards fulfilling the need for professionally qualified elementary school teachers. B.EL.ED. is designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical knowledge and communication skills. Both professional and academic options are available to the students who graduate with a B.EL.ED. degree.

The introduction of the B.EL.ED. programme in undergraduate colleges of the university of Delhi marks a move towards creation of a cadre of Elementary Education professionals- a long a awaited promise, beginning with the conception of the Central Institute of Education in 1947, Through the B.EL.ED. programme, concerns of elementary education have been integrated into the University systems with Delhi University taking the lead. It has also upgraded the professional status of the elementary school teacher by providing for a University degree for elementary education. At present the programme is being offered in eight women colleges of the University of Delhi.